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The cameras of Impatto Zero, the special on TV channel Cremona1 dedicated to sustainability topics, entered the Gadesco Pieve Delmona plant to film the activities of Magic Pack, and therefore the polystyrene manufacturing process.

Numerous topics were covered over the program’s 25-minute running time, with plant manager Marta Torri able to show and talk about the various phases involved in the polystyrene:xtrusion, creation of the reels and relative quality tests, thermoforming, moulding, addition of absorbent pads, cutting to grind the production scraps, and final packaging of the trays produced.

The real star of the show, however, was the concept of sustainability, which takes many different forms within Gruppo Happy.

First and foremost, Davide Masini (Sustainability Manager & LCA Expert) highlighted the concept of “extended producer responsibility”, which has meant significant investments for Gruppo Happy in the field of mechanical recycling and recovery of three different materials: PS, PET and HDPE.

Moreover, Fabrizio Bernini Head of R&D and Communication) narrated a very clear and effective account of the concept of sustainability: packaging in and of itself is already sustainable,because it contributes significantly to the reduction of food waste,but now it is even more so, because the functionality of traditional polystyrene (XPS) trays has been supplemented by the ability to manufacture them now using up to 50% post-consumer recycled material (r-XPS).

Correct and effective communication regarding correct disposal and recycling of plastic is therefore fundamental, as highlighted by Mariapaola Biasio, Marketing Manager, who highlighted how education is essential, both inside and outside the Group.

This communication becomes even more important in light of Gruppo Happy’s expansion: as recounted by Carolina Branca (Marketing Specialist), the goal is to actively involve all those who are part of the Group and ensure that they always share common values, first and foremost, of course, sustainability.

Now watch the special:

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