Gruppo Happy hosts Associazione Industriali di Cremona’s AGM

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On 19 June 2023, Gruppo Happy had the pleasure and honour of hosting the AGM of the Industrial Association of the Province of Cremona at the headquarters of its company Magic Pack, located in Gadesco Pieve Delmona in the same province.


The premises hosting the event were decorated with materials, lights and colours which not only told the story of the Group’s activities, but also expressed the values we believe in and pursue each and every day through our work.

Representing Gruppo Happy, Managing Director, Giovanni Biasio gave an emotional talk about the Group’s origins and history, while Fabrizio Bernini, Gruppo Happy’s Communications & Sustainability Manager, highlighted the importance of topics such as sustainability and recycling.

Bernini indeed talked about how Gruppo Happy produces food packaging which is already, in and of itself, sustainable, pointing out how “we are achieving sustainability through a pathway which involves the entire packaging food chain and institutions, as well as society as a whole”.

The end consumer is, indeed, required to play their own part in the recycling process by correctly putting out the containers for recycling, once they have fulfilled their function.

After an initial part dedicated to Associazione Industriali di Cremona’s private AGM, the event continued with a very interesting and topical round table focused precisely on sustainability matters, the new European directives and the region of Lombardy’s economic development plan.

Moderating the debate was Associazione Industriali Cremona’s president Stefano Allegri, who had the chance to discuss these topics with Lombardy Councillor for Economic Development Guido Guidesi and with MEP Massimiliano Salini.

Following the debate, guests enjoyed some excellent refreshments, accompanied by some very pleasant musical entertainment.

Our Group is a particularly significant enterprise not just for the local area, but the whole of Europe. And this makes us proud each and every day«: this is how Fabrizio Bernini described the role of the Group, the key player in ever-more numerous and important initiatives.

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