An innovative tray, suitable for MAP applications, made of 85% pure cellulose from cyclically renewed forests

Thanks to its versatility it can be used on packaging lines without any modification of the sealing moulds

The special reinforced structure gives the tray a considerable stiffness, which makes it suitable for all handling operations during the entire production process.

In addition, the rigid structure of the tray protects the food until it is consumed by the final customer. Even in the case of stacking packages, there will be no sagging and the product will be preserved.

BARRIER+ trays can be customised with colours, graphics, company logos and instructions according to customer needs. The paperboard is flexo-printed with water-based inks, certified for indirect food contact and resistant to high temperatures.

Why choose Barrier+ tray?

Because it offers a PURE CELLULOSE solution, with BARRIER PROPERTIES, as an alternative to plastic

contributes to reduce food waste by extending product shelf-life
Recyclable in paper
the reinforced structure allows the tray to be packed on the packaging lines normally used for plastic trays
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