An innovative, recyclable and circular mono-material packaging that preserves the organoleptic characteristics of food for longer

The new APS - Air Passage System tray represents a step forward in the state-of-the-art food packaging industry

The effect on food, particularly meat and fish, is twofold:

The presence of a plurality of reliefs allows the appropriate lifting of the food product. This reduces the direct contact of the food surface with the bottom of the tray, favouring the passage of air or protective gases and allowing them to better perform the bacteriostatic and/or oxygenation action.

The exudate released from the food is trapped inside the wells at the bottom of the tray, preventing direct contact of the tray with the food product

Why choose APS tray?

Because it is a MONO-MATERIAL packaging that preserves the ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS of food for longer.

In addition, it has the following advantages:

contributes to reduce food waste by extending its shelf-life
mono-material packaging facilitates consumer waste disposal and improves recycling processes
provides quality secondary raw material that can be reused for various applications
promotes the passage of air or protective gases
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The new APS trays is among the winners of the 2021 edition of the Call for Ecodesign: Facilitating Recycling Activities

an initiative promoted by CONAI – Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi and sponsored by the italian Ministry of the Environment

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