Contributing to the reduction of environmental impact


Making food packaging increasingly sustainable, recyclable, circular and innovative.

Our task is to design packaging that maintains the organoleptic characteristics of food for longer and enables a better product preservation, actively contributing to the reduction of food waste.

We work on reducing the impact values by using secondary raw materials wherever possible, optimising production processes, reducing waste and increasing the use of renewable energy.

But that is not enough. We promote a conscious use of packaging to reduce over-packaging and to encourage proper disposal to obtain quality secondary raw materials.

Our values


For us, sustainability is defined through our concepts of Mission and Vision: to contribute to the reduction...

of environmental impact, by producing sustainable, recyclable, circular and innovative food packaging.

However, sustainability can only be achieved through a circular path involving the entire production chain up to the consumer, who should actively contribute through a conscious packaging disposal. The support of institutions, Corepla, associations, politics and media, which should play a fundamental role in providing correct information, is also crucial.

But sustainability is not only environmental, it is also social and economic.

Sustainability can be evaluated through the analysis of the environmental impact values of packaging production, but not only. We must consider its function in reducing food waste, which would have a far greater environmental, social and economic impact.

Sustainability is providing safe food at a competitive price to the market, for the benefit of food and retail industries and consumers.


We see ourselves as a relationship-oriented open system, in continuous communication with its stakeholders, both internal...

…and external, customers, suppliers, trade unions, consumers, banks, but also institutions, communities, associations.

We invest resources to identify factors able to positively influence good relations with our stakeholders, not only through a process of involvement, but also through concrete actions for the protection and development of common interests.


People are the core resource of Gruppo Happy…

With time, machines lose value, while people gain experience. Through specific training focused on each and everyone’s ability, our employees can get the chance to improve their skills, while acquiring new ones.

Competent people are also the key driver to ensure the training and turnover of internal staff.


For us, teamwork is a key value and we believe in putting the experience of everyone at the service of the company, through…

sharing and confrontation.

It is important to give everyone the chance to express their potential within the framework of a common project.

Stimulating, promoting and organising teamwork is a core value for Gruppo Happy with an important goal: sharing tasks to multiply success.


Corporate Social Responsibility is defined by the European Community as...

“The voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their relations with stakeholders”.

Today, it is more evident than ever that it is no longer sufficient to evaluate company results only on economic-financial basis. We will consider ourselves satisfied with our results only when we can make a concrete contribution to the well-being of society and to the preservation of the planet.

In today’s global market, there is no area of business that does not have to look after its reputation in the eyes of citizens, as they turn into increasingly informed consumers who care deeply for sustainability.


Responsibility has been defined by a leading Italian academic as...

“the possibility of foreseeing the consequences of its one’s behavior and correcting it on the basis of that prediction.”

We encourage our employees to take on a responsible attitude that originates from the awareness of the role everyone plays in the group.

This translates into a newfound respect for the job of each of us by giving importance to our work and fostering passion for doing things well.


Passion is the driving force behind the achievement of our goals...

fundamental to the realisation of our Mission.

Passion is nourished in people on a daily basis through the development of a sense of belonging and involvement in achieving and sharing the highest goals.

Passion needs fueling and that’s what we do by forging a sense of connection and belonging in our staff.

Passion is also and above all continuous commitment and determination, the fuel for the development and enhancement of human resources of Gruppo Happy.

But passion also needs commitment and dedication to make the employees engagement resonate with the company’s purpose.