Agreement between Gruppo Happy and Siropack Italia on RESPECT technology

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As Gruppo Happy, we know that innovation, quality and a focus on the future are key to continuing competitiveness in a constantly evolving market and to meeting needs and requirements which change over time.

This is why we have chosen Siropack Italia technology for sealing of our PET and r-PET single-material trays, signing an agreement for four S88 machines.

Respect is one of Siropack Italia’s flagship new products, and perfectly aligns with Gruppo Happy’s innovative approach. It is a technology which, thanks to a special treatment applied to the edge of the trays, provides a perfect tamper evident seal for single-material r-PET trays, with application temperatures and timeframes even lower than for multi-layer materials.

This new technology brings numerous benefits in terms of food safety, improved productivity, sustainability, recyclability and circularity, while maintaining flatness and product freshness.

Learn more about RESPECT technology

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