Ecomondo 2022

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Recycling of Plastic Trays, an Opportunity to Fight Waste and Feed Sustainability: this was the title of the convention held during the 2022 edition of Ecomondo, the European event of reference for the ecological transition and new circular and regenerative economy models.


Numerous important messages emerged over the course of the event: in particular, we saw a focus on the fundamental role of trays in protecting and conserving foodstuffs, with the consequent reduction in food waste.

It was also highlighted how much greater the CO2 impact deriving from food waste is compared to the production of the packaging: the environmental costs linked to its production are indeed much less than would be caused by the loss of the food in the event that inadequate, or even no, packaging were used.
It is for this reason that it is essential to compare the impact of the packaging with the contents of that packaging.

Here are some extracts from the event:


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