“The Journey of Plastic” – Training Day with Schools

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On the afternoon of the 18th of December 2023, “Il Viaggio della Plastica” (The Journey of Plastic) began at Esperia Srl – a project dedicated to schools allowing their pupils to explore the world of sustainability and progress in Ecodesign-inspired innovation.

What is behind such a widely talked-about product such as plastic? What are the most deeply held beliefs about it, and which of these might be incorrect?

Very often, when we talk about plastic, images come to mind of islands of plastic in the sea, landfills, or the material’s spread to so many of the objects we use every day.

However, the reality is more complex, and it is really worth delving deeper into the topic to create sustainability which builds value both for the environment and our society.

Thanks to the guidance of Fabrizio Bernini (Communication and Sustainability Manager), Mattia Farina (Safety Manager), Davide Masini (Sustainability Manager) and Marco Brusinelli (R&D and Quality Manager), we took class 3B of Verolanuova middle school on a journey through the development, production, end-of-life phase and recycling of food packaging: a journey of rediscovery of plastic no longer as refuse, but as a precious resource.

Finally, starting from their day-to-day experiences, we began to deal with some doubts and beliefs about plastic, alongside Chiara Balestracci, to learn how a world consisting of work, people, research and development can lie behind a simple word or phrase.

Thanks to all the pupils and teachers for participating with great attention and curiosity!

See the photos of the event:

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