The interviewees included the authoritative voice of Fabrizio Bernini, Communication & Sustainability Manager at Gruppo Happy. The position of the industrial sector is very clear about this: eliminating fruit and vegetable packaging is not the solution (not even for packages below one and a half kilos), even less so if this decision derives from ideological […]


Numerous topics were covered over the program’s 25-minute running time, with plant manager Marta Torri ble to show and talk about the various phases involved in the polystyrene:extrusion, creation of the reels and relative quality tests, thermoforming, moulding, addition of absorbent pads, cutting to grind the production scraps, and final packaging of the trays produced. […]

Magic Pack Srl: the financing transaction carried out by Finlombarda Spa

The financing transaction for Magic Pack Srl, manufacturer of polystyrene containers for the food industry and modern distribution, was carried out by Finlombarda Spa “in pool” with Sparkasse Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano, and was chosen as one of the finalists in the LBO/extraordinary operations category at the Private Debt Awards 2022 put on by […]

Food packaging: our agents’ training

For this reason, we have involved all of our sales force in a CPD training course totalling eleven weeks. We must always remember that continuing education is never a waste of time, but is the road which, travelled together, supports our staff in their continuous professional growth.

Ecomondo 2022

The third largest producer of CO2 emissions in the world, after China and the USA, is food waste:This is the beginning of the video introducing Massimo Marino’s speech at the round table entitled “Recycling of Plastic Trays, an Opportunity to Fight Waste and Feed Sustainability”, put on by Corepla at Ecomondo in Rimini on Wednesday […]

World Food Safety Day 2022

Guaranteeing a high level of food safety, from “field to table”, is a commitment of the entire supply chain, while respecting the health and well-being of animals and the environment.A long journey through time and space in which food is inspected, processed and packaged to arrive at our tables, via large-scale retail. Here it may […]

World Ocean Day 2022

“Healthy” oceans are a key part of the solution to the climate crisis and to safeguarding biodiversity. For this reason, managing to protect at least 30% of the world’s waters by 2030 is the goal behind this event in 2022. We mustn’t forget that the ocean is a very important part of the delicate equilibrium […]

If we remember the environment every day

If we remember the environment every day, If we could all be more aware that packaging is created to ensure the safety and freshness of foods during that long journey through space and time which starts with their production and ends in the supermarket aisles and our own refrigerators, If we recognise the importance that […]

L’altra faccia della plastica (The Other Side of Plastic) – The series

L’altra faccia della plastica (The Other Side of Plastic): the series which shows how the supply chain works, with an in-depth analysis of all phases of the packaging’s life cycle, from its design to its recovery and reuse. Telling us about it are the professionals from Corepla themselves, men and women who, every day and […]