Sirap France and its exemplary commitment to the transition to a low-carbon economy

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Sirap France, a subsidiary of the Happy group, with three factories located in the south-east of France, designs and manufactures polystyrene, rigid plastic and cellulose food trays for retail chains and food manufacturers.

Since July 2022, Sirap France has been committed to the FRET21 scheme, demonstrating the significant efforts it is making to reduce its carbon footprint. This initiative stems from a desire to find innovative solutions to minimize its environmental impact.

As part of this approach, Sirap France has implemented various actions to optimise its logistics and reduce its carbon footprint. In particular by promoting multimodal transport, using mixed road-rail solutions for its deliveries to the Paris region and northern France. In addition, Sirap France has reviewed its tenders, including environmental performance criteria in the selection of its carriers. Finally, by coordinating the filling schedule of its inter-site shuttles with synchronised transport orders, it has been able to reduce empty mileage and improve its filling rate.

The FRET21 scheme has played a crucial role in structuring this approach, defining concrete actions to reduce Sirap France’s environmental impact. These efforts have been well received by customers, some of whom are equally committed to this process.

The results obtained in 2022 are remarkable, with Sirap France vastly exceeding its greenhouse gas (GHG) emission targets with a 27% reduction, or 422 tons of CO2, compared to an initial target of 107 tons.

Continuing its effort to decarbonise its transport system, Sirap France plans to run its inter-site shuttles on B100 (100% biodiesel). Moreover, the selection criteria defined in its next tenders in late 2024 will prioritise collaboration with virtuous carriers.

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