World Food Safety Day 2022

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Guaranteeing a high level of food safety, from “field to table”, is a commitment of the entire supply chain, while respecting the health and well-being of animals and the environment.
A long journey through time and space in which food is inspected, processed and packaged to arrive at our tables, via large-scale retail.

Here it may remain for days longer, thanks to the plastic packaging which has protected and preserved it, and will continue to do so inside our refrigerators, perfectly preserving all its organoleptic properties and food safety, offering multiple opportunities for use and contributing to the reduction of food waste.

Eliminating plastic packaging would mean de-facto drastic reductions in food safety, worse organoleptic properties for foodstuffs and increased food waste.

Do we want this? Of course not.

What we want is plastic packaging that best guarantees the safety and organoleptic properties for foods, which is ever-more sustainable, recyclable and circular, through growing commitment from the sector, GRUPPO HAPPY, as well as the entire supply chain, COREPLA – the Italian national consortium for the collection, recovery and recycling of plastic packaging, recyclers, and institutions, both Italian and European.

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