World Ocean Day 2022

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“Healthy” oceans are a key part of the solution to the climate crisis and to safeguarding biodiversity. For this reason, managing to protect at least 30% of the world’s waters by 2030 is the goal behind this event in 2022.

We mustn’t forget that the ocean is a very important part of the delicate equilibrium which allows life to exist on our planet, and even though it covers 71% of the earth’s surface, it is not an infinite resource, and so must be loved, respected and protected.

As manufacturers of food packaging, we can only beg everyone to dedicate to the oceans the same care and attention that we will need to start dedicating to land, and TO ACT, becoming part of a genuine process of change.

Everything we do on land ends up in the ocean. This is why we must avoid dumping and abandoning packaging, always remembering that there are no such things as good and bad materials: all packaging is a precious resource, because it guarantees the freshness and safety of the foods we consume, reducing the environmental impact, food waste and the consumption of precious resources.

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